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Nov 09 - Dec 31

  • Pick your favorite before you get pierced. Ear piercing is free with purchase of Claire's Starter Kit, which includes special ear piercing earrings and ear care solution.
  • Ear piercing is only available with the purchase of a Claire's Starter Kit. To ensure a safe and hygienic experience Claire's only uses specifically designed, pre-sterilized, pre-packaged piercing earrings. We never use needles. The Starter Kit not only offers a wide selection of special earrings from which you can choose and includes Claire's Ear Care Solution, but also gives you a 20% off coupon for your next visit!
  • All customers must provide written consent to get their ears pierced, and a parent or guardian must consent in-person for customers who are minors.
  • Before your Claire's specialist will pierce your ears, they will ask you to read and sign the Claire's Ear Piercing Registry Form. Please note that all forms and signatures must be completed at the store. A parent or legal guardian must accompany a minor to the store at the time of an ear piercing.
  • No need to make an appointment...really! 
  • Claire's Ear Piercing Specialists have all received required training to pierce your ears. Once you've completed the Registry, the Specialist will wear single-use, disposable gloves and first clean the surface of your ears with a disinfectant solution swab. They will then pierce your ear with a Professional Piercing System. This system consists of an instrument that creates minimal discomfort and ensures the right amount of pressure is carefully applied to effectively pierce the ear and insert the ear-piercing earring. The Specialist will clean the ear-piercing instrument before and after each use.
  • Learn how to take care of your new piercing - cleaning is a priority!
  • One of the most important parts of getting your ears pierced is the aftercare. In order to obtain the best results, please follow these essential steps:
    1. Thoroughly clean hands with an antibacterial soap prior to any contact with your newly pierced ears. DO NOT remove ear-piercing earrings. DO NOT handle your ears or your ear piercing earrings unnecessarily.
    2. Cleanse the front and back of your ears 3 times a day by liberally applying Claire's Ear Care Solution with a saturated cotton ball or cotton swab, without removing the ear piercing earrings. With each cleaning, gently slide the ear piercing earrings back and forth in your ear so the solution will go inside the piercing. Then gently rotate the ear piercing earrings a partial turn, both forwards and backwards, 2-3 times.
    EAR LOBE PIERCINGS: Leave ear piercing earrings in your ear for at least 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, the ear piercing earrings can be removed and other post type earrings can be inserted. Post earrings must be worn at all times for the first 6 months to ensure that your ear piercing will remain the proper size.
    EAR CARTILAGE PIERCING: Leave ear piercing earrings in your ears for 8-12 weeks. After 8-12 weeks, the ear piercing earrings can be removed and other post type earrings can be inserted. Some type of post earrings must be worn at all times for the first 12 months to ensure that your ear piercing will remain the proper size.
    Be sure to view the AFTERCARE Video above for further instruction. And, you can always ask your Claire's Specialist if you have any questions!
  • Identify potential problems such as irritation and redness early. Here are some common signs to look for...
  • After your earpiercing, be sure to:
    1. Keep hair, hairspray, soap, shampoo, cosmetics, perfumes or other similar types of preparations away from your newly pierced ears.
    2. After shampooing, exercising, swimming, hot tubs, saunas or use of any of the above products, cleanse your ears with the Claire's Ear Care Solution as stated in Step #2.
    3. Take extra care when putting on or removing clothing, brushing hair, sleeping, talking on the phone or wearing headphone/headsets so that newly pierced ears do not get irritated.
    4. Ear piercing earrings that are too tight can cause embeddings and infection.
    An embedded piercing looks like the earring is beginning to disappear into the ear and the surrounding area is swollen and red. Always ensure that the clutch back is correctly situated along the post at the safety notch. The clutch back should never be pushed up along the post causing the lobe to be squeezed between the front and back of the earring.
    Each time you cleanse the ear piercing area check for any signs of embedding, swelling, infection, discharge or redness. Should any of these conditions appear immediately consult your physician.
    EAR LOBE PIERCINGS: Pain, redness or swelling that exists for more than 24 hours after a piercing is NOT a normal result of ear piercing. Persistent or reoccurring redness or swelling may indicate that your body cannot tolerate a foreign object in the skin, as such you may be unable to wear pierced ears. Consult your physician.
    EAR CARTILAGE PIERCING: If pain, redness or swelling in cartilage persists for more than 24 hours after piercing immediately remove the ear piercing earrings and consult a physician. Remember, cartilage piercing carries a greater risk of infection, permanent scarring and the potential of cartilage deformity.

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