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Customer Service Associate

Part Time

Maximize company sales growth and profitability by assisting the general manager with all customer support activities
and procedures in order to deliver an engaging experience to every customer, every time.

Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs)
· Identify and coach sales team associates on appropriate internal and receipt notes, sales skills and recovery options.
· Lead by example and maintain a sense of professionalism at all times.
· Support all efforts and initiatives across all business channels implemented by the company.
· Support the company's mission and goals, including applicable key performance indicators (KPIs).

Job Knowledge:
· Possess and demonstrate company standards in selling, customer service, and teamwork.
· Ensure full understanding and awareness of all current product and product information.
· Maintain awareness of all intranet communications, current advertising, promotions and other marketing initiatives.
· Develop, share and apply product expertise.
· Comply and adhere to consistent company processes.
· Complete and process phone sales orders and book all deliveries.
· Coordinate with Distribution Centers and vendors regarding return and repair authorization and chargebacks.
· Process all customer correspondence, returns and credits, including UPS returns and breakage cards.
· Complete essential reporting on a regular basis, including the Order Maintenance Report (OMR).
· Engage in, maintain and support store safety standards and training.
· Possess a complete understanding of applicable company systems, policies and procedures.
· Maintain an awareness of loss prevention, security and safety following the guidelines provided by management or the Human Resources Department and/or as outlined in the Crate and Barrel/CB2 Associate Guide.

Results Oriented:
· Focus on promoting and driving sales as they pertain to, or are driven by your position.
· Focus on reducing product returns by utilizing appropriate company customer service standards and guidelines and
available reporting.
· Demonstrate creative problem solving to maintain a solutions-oriented focus.

· Communicate on a regular basis with the general manager and sales manager(s) concerning all aspects of sales,
customer service issues and questions.
· Provide feedback to the Merchandising Department regarding quality issues and product concerns.
· Communicate effectively and efficiently with all company associates and business contacts.

· Actively participate in weekly customer service meetings, store meetings, and training sessions.
· Support the sales team by assisting on the sales floor, as directed by the sales manager.
· Support the sales team by assisting with all aspects of the sales process, including booking/rebooking deliveries,
following up on an estimated time of arrival (ETAs), backorders, transfers, and all customer service issues.
· Promote a strong sense of teamwork by working together safely, effectively, respectfully and efficiently with all associates.

Customer Service (Internal and External):
· Actively engage customers and remain attentive to customer needs.
· Perform all follow-up communication with the customer, and respond to customers within the time frame promised.
· Meet customer expectations by utilizing all resolution options and making reasonable timely decisions.
· Model and reinforce company customer service standards.
· Support and model excellent service by exhibiting a positive attitude and enthusiasm toward the job and the company to both internal and external customers in all forms of communication.
· Ensure all customers are provided gracious, quick and efficient service.
Technical Proficiency
· Maintain awareness and demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of computers, systems, and programs relevant to theposition.
· Possess a complete understanding of training and communication resources relevant to the position.
· Participate in ongoing training regarding technology upgrades and new systems applicable to the position.

Job Qualification Requirements
- Good reading and written language skills (English), excellent communication skills, basic arithmetic, interpersonal skills, telephone presence, problem-solving skills, data entry skills

Previous Experience:
- Customer service experience; retail experience preferred

Required Learning:
- Assigned Learning Plan(s) per position
- Machines, Tools, Equipment, Software
- General office equipment, including computer and printer, Point of Sale (POS) system, Microsoft Office Suite, AS400 system, company email system, company learning management system, telephone/intercom system, copier, fax machine, tape machine, small hand tools, stepstools, hand truck/dolly, baler, calculator, electronic two-way radio with earpiece

Certifications and/or Degrees:
- High school diploma/GED or equivalent

Physical and Visual Activities**
On a daily basis, must be able to alternate between moving around for long periods and remaining stationary for long
periods depending on the day and task at issue. Must be able to constantly reach or handle the product, communicate,
operate computers/POS/office equipment, and have visual acuity near and far. Ability to frequently lift or carry products and have visual acuity near and far. May occasionally sit, kneel, bend, squat, twist, ascend/descend, push/pull and/or

Physical Demands**
Movement of product, supplies and/or boxes to and from all levels of the store and stockroom. Ability to move and/or lift up to 50 lbs; heavier products with team assist.

Environmental/Atmospheric Conditions**
Hot/cold temperature changes, concrete floors, odors, dust and mechanical/electrical/chemical hazards possible

** In accordance with applicable law, associates will be provided with reasonable accommodations as necessary and appropriate to perform the position's requirements.

NOTE: The KRAs and other aspects of the job listed in this job description should not be construed to contain every function/responsibility that may be required to be performed by an associate in this job. Associates are required to perform other related functions as assigned.

Business Hours
    • Monday 11:00am - 7:00pm
    • Tuesday 11:00am - 7:00pm
    • Wednesday 11:00am - 7:00pm
    • Thursday 11:00am - 7:00pm
    • Friday 11:00am - 7:00pm
    • Saturday 11:00am - 7:00pm
    • Sunday 12:00pm - 6:00pm